New Year, New You! A Copy-Worthy Outfit Courtesy Of Fly Gyal


By Jadée Nikita

We are so ready for the new year and we want you to be, too! 2012 was a wonderful year and we’re ready for more more more! That’s why we’ve curated a Fly Gyal’s list of New Year’s Style Resolutions. 2013 is going to start with a bang and we’re chanting, “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!”

1. TOPSHOP Paisley Contrast Bomber Jacket $120 / 2. Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane-Spk $139 / 3. TOPSHOP Skater Rib Beanie $20 / 4. Vanish Shades $40 / 5. Bobbi Brown ‘pink & Red Collection’ Creamy Matte Lip Color $24 / 6. Miso Spike Statement Collar $12 / 7. Garter Leggings $28


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