8 Things You NEED In Your Dance Bag

urlBy Kristin Yancy

Dancers are the worst of bag ladies, the champions of the shoulder bag, avengers of the double-zip, triple buckle backpack. We brought back the fanny pack.  And yet we’ve all had that horrible audition moment, that “one of these things is not like the other” realization, when we’ve arrived at the holding room only to realize we are the only ones wearing…pants. But never fear, Fly Gyal is here with a few things we’ve learned we should always keep in our dance bag.

  1. A Belt  Few things can pull an outfit together like this tried and true accessory. Throw it on over your leotard for a classic Broadway look, or use it to cinch together a black character skirt. A good belt can also add that extra oomph to a hastily thrown together (e.g., your agent called you 10 minutes ago) commercial look. Go for a neutral color like black, and make sure it fits well around the smallest part of your waist— it never hurts to show off that figure!
  2. A Skirt  It sounds silly, but you never know when an audition is calling for something a bit daintier than you planned. Or maybe you need it to give those salsa steps a bit more pizzazz. Later in the day, it can come in handy when it’s time for a vocal call back. Find it in a soft fabric to get the most whirl for your twirl, and for compact storage in your already bursting-at-the-seams bag!
  3. Ballet Shoes and Legwarmers  Making sure you’ve brought your technique shoes can save you come ballet cuts in more ways than one. It never hurts for casting to see you’ve prepared to show off your technique, and just wearing them will help put you in a more ‘prima’ frame of mind. Add some legwarmers for an 80’s Broadway feel, and to keep those hardworking tootsies audition ready!
  4. Scissors  This one is a no-brainer. Whether you’re snipping wayward threads, snagged fishnets, or trimming down your 8×10 resume, a small pair of craft scissors always come in handy!
  5. A Stapler  Let me put it this way, I was once known as “Staple Girl” at an audition. While I nipped that not-so-exciting nickname in the bud immediately, I think all of the girls in that hallway would still agree— they were glad I’d brought along a stapler. Frankly put, it’s not casting’s job to make sure your resume and headshot are stapled together at the start of the audition. Find tiny travel-size staplers for cheap at Office Depot or Staples.
  6. A Pen  Always, always, always bring a pen. Enough Said.
  7. Wear Kicks You Can Dance In to the Audition  Okay, so while this technically isn’t a dance bag must-have, it is still a huge audition YES. Maybe the choreography is really athletic, or maybe “classic jazz” really meant “street jazz.” Either way, there’s going to be a time where those heeled lace-up combat boots are just not going to cut it. Save your ankles and your sanity by wearing a back-up pair of shoes.
  8. A Blinging Statement Cuff  Just in case you need to add a little rock n’ roll glam to your already FLYlook, a statement bracelet is an easy piece to dance in and adds a little va-va-voom to an otherwise simple outfit. Forever 21 is an audition wristlet gold mine, and guaranteed to cost under $10, this is an investment that won’t break the (non-existent) bank.
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