Dress Up Those Fancy Phalanges


By Jadée Nikita

Dress up your manos this winter with gloves that translate from the studio to the street!  This season, we found mitts that ran the gamut!  Long, fingerless, studded, laced, colored leather, and black satin. There’s a pair to fit any Fly Gyal’s personality.  Experiment by coupling your favorite short sleeve sweater with a colorful or muted pair of bicep-length, leather gloves.  Or flash your fancy jazz hands with a cute pair of fingerless studded moto-gloves. You’ll definitely teach ‘em who’s boss when you throw down your gauntlet!

Clockwise from top left:

Black Leather Fingerless Gloves $9.90 / A.F.VANDEVORST Embroidered Stretch Tulle Long Gloves $371 / Pair of Stylish Punk Style Exposed Finger Design Five-Point Star and Stud Embellished Gloves $10.58 / Warmen Half Finger Gloves $22 / Blue Banana PU Leather Gloves (Red) 6.95 / Faux Leather Fingerless Gloves $9.90 / Leather Skull On Cross & Sword Fingerless Glove $24 / PVC Yellow Shoulder Length Gloves $15.99


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