Add A Little Edge With This Geometric Makeup Look

Page 1By Samantha Yu

Whether we’re getting ready to go onstage, head into class, or spend the night out on the town, we’re always thinking of creative ways to look FLY. We were recently inspired by Candice from who shared a simple-yet-stunning tutorial on how to achieve a “Simple Edgy Geometric Eye”. She even advises that the look is great for making close-set eyes appear wider… what a gal! Candice uses a navy-purple-pink color palette, but feel free to experiment with you own unique colorways.

Here are her quick and easy steps:

  1. Use a firm or flat brush to pack a strong violet-grape shimmer shadow onto the outer half of the lid. Follow the hollow of your socket line but on the inner portion do a rough V-shaped gap.
  2. Use a softer matte pink-beige on the rest of the lid, blending slightly into the purple but not too much. The two colors should still look distinct from each other. Blend just enough so that the once harsh lines becomes softened.
  3. Run a dark navy blue shimmer along the outer edge of your eye; right along the border of the darker purple. Thicken it into a V, extending the outside edge slightly lower along the bottom lash line.

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