You Asked: What Should I Wear To High School Varsity Dance Team Auditions?

Industry Insider- Dance_Team

By Jadée Nikita

Not to worry, we have you covered! Finding the perfect audition outfit can seem daunting at first but we have some key pieces that we know will get you on the team.

Simple black jazz pants or leggings are classic and will help create pretty long lines. Pair them with a colorful – school colors, if you can find them! – spaghetti strap top or halter cami. You definitely want the top to be form fitting in order to show off your body positioning and arm lines. Just in case, be sure to pack an extra shirt and a light hoodie for quick outfit adjustments.

Makeup should be performance ready. Even skin with a bold eye. And if you really want to get an extra gold star, pop in a pair of blingin’ stud earrings. Don’t wear any other jewelry. Necklaces flying around can get in your way and bracelets jingling can be distracting.

Make sure to bring jazz sneakers, ballet shoes and street sneakers for hip-hop. Don’t wear your jazz sneakers to a hip hop audition.

Hope these tips help. Be sure to send us a picture of your Fly Gyal dance audition outfit. We’d love to see it. Break a leg!

Photo via Lee-Scott Academy Dance Team.
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