Quick & Clean Fixer Uppers!

By Jadée Nikita

Perfect for pre or post workouts, these soapless facial cleansers are a great way to remove the daily grime. The best thing is, they fit perfectly in your dance bag!


Almay Makeup Remover Wipes $5.99 – Inexpensive and perfect for sensitive skin, these wipes can also double as a body cleanser. Some wipes can be harsh exfoliants, but these wipes are gentle to the touch.









flygyal Claudalie Cleansing Water $14 – 3in1 cleanser, makeup remover, and toner, this option is perfect for all skin types.









flygyal-2Lush 9 to 5 Liquid Cleanser $19.95 – Made with all natural products including almond oil and dove orchids, this liquid cleanser is calming and soothing; safe for sensitive skin. We should mention that you have to include this cleanser with a cotton pad but hey, it’s worth the extra baggage!


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