You Asked: What Should I Wear to Carnival?

Carnival Fierce Abs

By Samantha Yu

Awesome question! Choreographer’s Carnival is a wonderful opportunity to see some great art created by talented choreographers. It’s always a fun night filled with lots of energy, support, music, and dance.

Dressing up for Carnival should be a chance for you to really express your sense of individual style. Wear something that you’re excited to show off and think you look fly in. Maybe a leather jacket with some badass boots. Or some cut-out leggings with a flowy top. Since you’re in LA you could even go with some bold printed shorts. Pair with a cat-eye and/or a bold lip and the options are endless.

Think about what you would want to wear to a party to celebrate your friends’ hard work to a craft that you also appreciate and love. And feel free to send in the outfit that you do end up wearing! We want to see it!

Photo via Choreographer’s Carnival.

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