6 Knitted Knockouts To Top Off Your Outfit



By Samantha Yu

This week we’re bringing you all types of knits. From sweaters to scarves to leggings (and more!) we are totally committed to the trend. How could you not be when it’s so cold outside?! Each day this week, we’ll show you some of our favorite knit items currently on the market and available for YOU to snag.

Knit hats have become appropriate no matter what the weather, but they’re especially perfect during the winter time. Scoop up a colorful beanie, a patterned pom-pom number, or even a knit headband to keep your ears warm while you’re walking to class. Then you can decided if you want to take it off… or leave it on.  After all, every dancer needs a good thinking cap 😉

Clockwise from top left:

Topshop Fairisle Knit Headband $24 / Asos All Knitwear Yellow Party Bobble Hat $78.93 / Topshop Cable Pom Pom Hat $28 / Asos Rib Boyfriend Beanie $12.28 / Urban Outfitters Knit Porkpie Hat $20 / Urban Outfitters Wooden Ships Knit Cabbie Hat $16.99


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