How To Perfect Your Natural Makeup Look

photo (26)

By Kristin Yancy

Fly Gyals are pros when it comes to smoky eyes, fake lashes, and bold red lips, but these days the “neutral stage face” is becoming more and more of a necessary look for stage performers. Here’s a step-by-step method that’ll keep your ‘clean slate’ looking beautiful under the wash of stage lighting.

  1. Apply an even layer of a foundation with warm undertones to face. The most important part of creating a neutral look is this smooth first layer.
  2. Use a blush or bronzer to really sculpt your cheekbones. A shade that’s less pink and closer to the color of your skin works best.
  3. Highlight underneath your eyebrows with a shadow that’s a shade lighter than your skin color. Sweep a warm brown shadow a shade darker than your skin color onto lids and rub into creases.
  4. Pat a darker brown onto the outer corners of lids and work a little bit under the bone of the eye socket. Blend. The color should be lightest at the inside corner of your eyelid and gradually become darker across the lid (think reverse ombre).
  5. A little bit of gray or black shadow can be patted at the corners for a bit of definition. Use sparingly.
  6. Line your eyes with black or dark brown eyeliner. I like to blend these lines for a more natural look, and then use the same brush I blended with to darken eyebrows. A strong brow really frames the eye and emphasizes a natural face.
  7. Remember not to skimp on a couple of very black coats of mascara.
  8. No bright lips for you! Stick with the “shade darker” rule to find a pink or a red that’s closer to the color family you’ve been using on the rest of your face. You can also create a base layer of stain with a lipstick by patting it quickly across your lips, and then following with a balm that’s not too shiny. Matte shades are your best friend!

And there you have it! Now go out there and kill it, girl!


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