Into The Gloss‘ Primer On Primers



By Samantha Yu

We’ve heard the makeup-application-canvas-painting analogy before, but withInto The Gloss’ most recent analogy, we’re convinced the two are more similar than ever. In explaining the role of the makeup primer, ITG states:

Consider the act of painting a wall or canvas: you prime that sucker with a layer of thin white liquid (some sort of paint mixture or gesso, for those art-school grads) before you go in with the real stuff, so as to make sure the color is uniform, surfaces are even and non-porous, and you don’t get any weird patches. Makeup primers are essentially doing the same thing: they even out your skintone, mask pores, help your makeup stick longer, and create a barrier between your foundation and your skin. (Plus, most of them offer additional bells and whistles than your regular moisturizer.)

They’ve used their beauty resources to compile a review of ten primers and suggested particular brands for different types of skin.

Do YOU use primer? Is it a necessary step in your everyday beauty routine or is it something you often skip?


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