Handy Dandy Fix-Its For All Your Costume Conundrums

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By Jadée Nikita

This week Fly Gyal is highlighting the bare necessities!  From trendy bras, undies, and tights, to other miscellaneous must haves, we’ve found all that you need to build the perfect audition/performance/on-the-go outfit from the bottom up.

Cover all your bases by stocking up on these basic dance fashion essentials!  No need to worry about your gyals poppin out with double sided tape, and feel confident wearing backless leotards with our favorite item, the clear back strapless bra!  From black crew socks to variety sized safety pins, we got you covered from head to toe.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Clear Bra Straps $5.99 / Bunheads Smoothies $12.38 /  Flash Tape $6 / Variety Size Safety Pins / C9 by Champion® Men’s 6PK Crew Socks $12.99 / Foot Paws $35


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