Oh, Sweetheart (Necklines)!

By Jadée Nikita

Sweetheart décolletés are feminine and attractive additions to any blouse, dress or romper.  Designed from their namesake, these necklines feature two curves above the bust-line to create the illusion of a heart.  Perfect for women of all shapes, sizes, and body-types, the sweetheart neckline is ideal for women with small and large bust sizes.  This décolleté accentuates the torso, neck and face to make them appear visually longer, and provides balance and proportion to the overall body.  For our bustier fly gyals, the sweetheart neckline provides support when paired with an empire waist, boning, or underwire.

There is a sweetheart neckline for every dancinista!  Be it cropped, cutout, adorned in geo prints, sheer, sequins or studded embellishments, in the form of a skater dress, a funky romper, or jumpsuit, you’ll wanna get your hands on one for the spring!  Check out Fly Gyal’s faves above!

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