Get Those Pointers In Arrow A Row

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By Samantha Yu

This week we’re all about arrows. To make sure that you’re heading in the right direction in every aspect of your fashionable life, we’re bringing you three different nail art designs that are 100% do-able from the comfort of your own home. Only three tools necessary so you can put that wallet away.


The first look comes from Tessa’s Homemade. To create the design you’ll need three shades of nail polish, tape (scotch tape works fine), and scissors.

1. Paint your nails the color that you would like to remain in the middle of your design. It’s a good idea to pick a lighter color, as you’ll be painting over the top and bottom sections with darker colors.

2. Once the base coat is dry cut ten small strips of tape into arrows that are able to fit across the centers of your nails. Place one strip on each nail. Make sure the tape is stuck on securely and that there are no air bubbles that will allow other-colored nail polish to seep in.

3. Paint the parts of your nail above and below the tape whichever shades you choose. You can make the tops and bottoms the same color, if you’d like, or make them different, as is demonstrated above.

4. When your nails are 1000% (or more!) dry, slowly peel the tape off. Apply a top coat and you’re good to go!


The second look, from Robin Moses, requires either super long nails or fake nails that you can paint and then stick on. You’ll also need up to seven different colors of nail polish and a thin paintbrush.

1. Paint the nail whatever base color you select.

2. After the base coat is completely dry, draw to long arrows that extend the length of the nail. Robin recommends adding a little bit of white paint to all your bright nail colors to ensure that they stick to well and are bold.

3. Wait for the two arrows to dry completely. Draw several additional arrows that go through the original arrows, of the nail, etc.

4. After the entire nail is dry dry dry, apply a high gloss top coat. To smoothen any bumpiness that might exist, apply a second top coat.


The final look, from Rainbows & Fairy Dust, is our own personal favorite. Perhaps it’s the black and gold, perhaps it’s the arrows. To get this look, all you need is two shades of polish, scissors, and tape.

1. Paint your nails with a base color. Using a lighter color first is wise and you’ll be painting over it with a darker shade in later steps.

2. One the base coat is completely dry, stick the corner of a piece of tape onto the bottom portion of your nail. The corner of the tape should sit in the middle of your nail. Make sure the tape is on securely and that there are no air bubbles where nail polish can get through.

3. Paint over the top portion of your nail with a second shade. Don’t worry about getting it all over your nail –– that’s what the tape is for!

4. Once the nail is 5 million% dry, peel the tape off slowly.



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