Fly Gyal of the Week: Tina Jackson



IMG_6185By Samantha Yu

Tina Jackson never ceases to grab our attention with her superbly styled ensembles. Thankfully, she was able to take a moment to step out of her Front Desk Manager role at Broadway Dance Center for a mini photoshoot right in the halls of BDC. She caught our eye with her Danice bright neon plunge v-neck – what a lifter-upper during this dreary, rainy weather – clean hair, and bright red lips. THEN we noticed her Uniqlo polka dot pants, killer Jessica Simpson heels, Strawberry black leather jacket, and BDC Retail Store “KEEP CALM AND DANCE ON” pin. (We’re feeling seriously “pin”-spired… Fly Gyal pins, anyone?) And check out her snazzy nail art detail! Just more proof that Tina’s got every detail nailed down. Follow Tina and her fashionable life on Twitter and Instagram!


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