11 Bikini Tops That’ll Work On The Beach And In The Studio

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By Jadée Nikita

“The sun’ll come out tomorrow” so you be better be sure you’re sartorially prepared! With warmer weather on the horizon, we’re sure you’ve been perusing various resort and spring collections to see which swimsuits you’ll be grabbing next season. But, hold the phone! Why wait for next season?! Swimsuits – one pieces and bikini tops in particular – make great additions to any dance ensemble. Whether you’re hoping to bare a little midriff onstage or you’ve run out of sports bras and need a quick alternative for class, fashionable swimwear is an important part of every Fly Gyal’s closet.

Solids: a solid colored bikini is the first staple you should add to your spring break/dance class wardrobe. Opt for a color that compliments your skin tone and eye color. For tanned babes, opt for corals and oranges. For fair-skinned gyals, turquoise and emeralds work best.

Parti-colored: multi colored bikini tops are cute when you want to add some dazzle to your swim/sweat experience. Opt for cuts that flatter your body-type. Petite beach bods look best in bandeaus. And for our top-heavy divas, triangle tops provide much needed support and cover up. And everyone looks great in a halter.

Texture: don’t be a afraid to stray from the usual Lycra and spandex materials. For fancy beach parties and or that exciting upcoming gig try wearing a bikini top that has sequins or rhinestones. Also, since you probably won’t be splashing around in the water at these night parties, try donning a conversational bikini top made out of knit or suede.

Prints: the Yellow polka dot bikini was made famous by the 1960s bubble gum pop jam. So be infamous in your own right and find a print that works for you. Our personal faves are anchors, patriotic flags, horizontal stripes, and leopard print.

Cutouts: for the super on-trend, this season is all about the cut out bikini. There are so many options. One-pieces with deep plunging necklines, cutout sweetheart necklines, and bandeaus with geometric back cut outs. Whatever your body-type, there is a cutout bikini top for you. Don’t be afraid to slash and slay thisseason!


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