Meet The Models – Veronika, Miu, & Jenny Tell All


This past Monday, Fly Gyal released its first ever teaser video. Have you seen it yet?! Filled with sugar, spice, and everything nice (plus a little something extra), the video is an introduction to all things Fly Gyal. Launching spring 2013, will provide trendy and transitional dancewear for only the flyest of gyals. Cool clothing that you can wear in the studio and on the subway.

Get to know fly gyals Veronika Payne, Miu Ide, and Jenny Simon, who worked it for the camera and helped bring the Fly Gyal dance fashion vison to life.


Veronika Payne
Sign: Libra
Favorite Color: Black, Grey & Pink
Dream: To have my jewelry designs on the cover of Vogue & Beyoncé
Wish: To always be happy but never satisfied
Secret: I love gangsta rap!!


Miu Ide
Sign: Scorpio
Fave Color: Purple
Dream: Live on a tropical island
Wish: Bring Michael Jackson back to life and dance for him (backup dancing)
Secret: I get bored with my hair very easily


Jenny Simon
Sign: Capricorn/Water Pig!
Favorite Color: Green
Dream: Travel around the world and hang with locals on every continent
Wish: Lead in a burlesque movie or show
Secret: I’ve always wanted a pet chimpanzee to care for like a child

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