Don’t Get Burned, Get Even! 6 Burnout Survival Tips

burnoutBy Jadée Nikita & Samantha Yu

As artists, we are constantly on our grind to find success.  We are sometimes impatient, and want that instant gratification of “making it!”  We are going to as many auditions as possible, chasing our dreams, stressing out over finances, working in high-pressure environments, and overextending ourselves to stay relevant.  But there is only so much stress and rejection a human can take before they start to question, “what am I doing this for?”  So before you get burned out from climbing the success ladder, keep the following tips in mind:

1.  Don’t chase your dream, catch your dream! Create and continue to think of your goals as 100% attainable. You aren’t endlessly chasing after something that you’re never going to get. Know that soon your hard work will pay off and you’ll be holding your dreams in your hands.

2.  Take a time out! Everyone needs a break now and then. Do something special for yourself, outside of your profession, at least once a week. Take the opportunity to be creative and feel fulfilled in an area outside of dance. Maybe you want to read a book, visit a museum, learn a language, cook a new recipe. Free your mind, expand your knowledge, have a crazy experience. In the end, it will all help your growth. Not to mention it can help you relax when the going gets tough.

3.  Start the day off with a relaxing ritual.  This can be meditation, writing in a journal, gently stretching, or reading a motivational quote. Our inspiration board has tons of good material for sparking creativity and energy. And, of course, there are a million other resources out there to help you center yourself and start your day off on a positive note.

4.  Know that EVERYTHING happens for a reason! When you don’t get the job, celebrate the fact that there is something bigger and better in your future.  People who work hard will be rewarded. And in the end, you’ll realize that everything was happening just the way it was supposed to.

5.  Set boundaries.  Do not overextend yourself and know when to say, “no.”  The ability to say “no” is a valuable skill. If this is hard for you, know that saying “no” is saying “yes” to the things you really want to do.

6.  Learn how to manage stress!  Nourish your mind, body and soul, and maintain a healthy diet. Each individual has her own way of dealing with stress. Sometimes it’s taking a night off. Sometimes it’s making lists. Sometimes it’s venting to a friend about how stressed you are. Figure out what works for you and then take the right steps to make your days productive, positive, and pleasant.


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