Low-Cal Boozin’: The Top 7 Beers To Drink This St. Patrick’s Day

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By Kristin Yancy

Fly Gyals, March is upon us! With it comes March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, National Irish American Heritage Month, and a bunch of other reasons to toss back a few brewskis. Read on for your guide to guzzling-minus-the-gut!

1. If you’re hanging with the bros: Coors Light
The ‘Average Joe’ of beers and a modest 104 calories per 12 oz. can, Coors Light is your casual Thursday night beer when you’re crashing Guys’ Night Out.
ABV (Alcohol By Volume) 4.15%, 104 Calories, 3.1g Carbohydrates

2. If you like fruity beers: New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale
This newbie on the beer scene is a not-too-sweet ale that packs a punch of antioxidants (from pureed raspberries-yum!). Bonus- it’s gluten free!
ABV 5%, 99 Calories, 3g Carbohydrates

 3. If you’re feeling classic: Miller Lite
The original low calorie beer, Miller Light won the Best American Style Lager or Light  Lager at the 2010 American Beer Festival. It tastes great AND it’s less filling!
ABV 4.2%, 96 Calories, 3.2g Carbohydrates

4. If you’re feeling tropical: Corona Light
Refreshing, delicious, and great for the gluten-sensitive. Toss a lime in this baby and get your beach on!
ABV 4.5%, 106 Calories, 5g Carbohydrates

5. If you’re rocking flannel and a beanie: Yuengling Light Lager
For our hipster Fly Gyals, Yuengling Light brings a ton of flavor and not a ton of calories. This beer gets serious cool points for being delicious and (sort of) nutritious.
ABV 3.8%, 99 Calories, 9g Carbohydrates

6. If you’re splurging for flavor: Fat Tire
This yummy brew somehow combines rich flavor and fresh, crisp taste into every sip- making it a great choice for patios, rooftops, and all things related to sunshine. Drink up!
ABV 5.2%, 155 Calories, 13.7g Carbs

7. If you’re feeling eco friendly: Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager
Based in California, over 10,000 solar panels and four cogeneration fuel cells allow Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to run their facility almost entirely on eco-friendly power. Self described as “Bohemian,” this spicy-yet-floral beer is the perfect sip as you head to South by Southwest or prep for summer concerts in Central Park.
ABV 5.0%, 158 Calories, 13.7g Carbs.

A Gentle Reminder: For most Fly Gyals, just 2 beers will send us over the legal limit, so no driving once you start boozing! Avoid a leprechaun-sized hangover the next day and alternate your adult beverages with some H2O. Your body will thank you in the morning!

Photos via Yuengling Brewery, CervezaPlease.com, 1300 Wine Online, www.Boston.com, A Quan Ha Photo,  2BeerGuys.com, and 365 Gluten Free.

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