Flutter Those Flirty Falsies!


By Jean Baez

We know how difficult it can be applying falsies. But trust us, a feeling of pure and unparalleled joy will overcome you when you finally master the art. It’ll be a cause for celebration and we’ll be right there cheering you on!

There’s no doubt about it… without enough practice, you’re likely to find yourself aggravated with your eye makeup looking a hot mess. So get to it! And not just for dance performances. Wear lashes because you’re a woman who likes to add a little more femininity, sass, and pop to her undoubtedly already Fly look. Falsies make your eyes appear super alluring and ultra sexy. They create the effect of fuller, longer, thicker, healthier lashes. And who doesn’t want those?

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be batting those eyes like crazy in no time!

1. Head over to your local $1.00 store – False lashes at these places are only good for one time use and, most importantly, are SUPER CHEAP, meaning you won’t feel terrible if you make a mess of a pair. They’re perfect for practice.

2. Purchase a few pairs of false lashes that you think look most natural – The most basic, natural shape will fit your eye well and be easiest to apply. No need to go for huge giant feathers when you’re just starting out! That’ll come later.

3. Go home and practice, practice, and PRACTICE SOME MORE.

4. Invest. Once you’ve mastered the application process, go out and buy some quality brand falsies that will last longer than one application. Once your done wearing them, you’ll place them back in the packaging for later use. Bring on those feathers! Our favorite brands for top quality lashes include Makeup Forever, Illamasqua, MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay, and Ardell.

Still feeling like a deer in the headlights? Watch these awesome tutorials from PIXIWOO and ARDELL that demonstrate how to apply fake eyelashes.

Image Via Donna Moderna

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