Getting Your Résumé’s Life Together

By Brian Henninger

Résumés. The one piece of paper that can open doors and also close them. Set yourself up for success by following these simple tips for making sure your résumé is on point and in the correct format for the professional dance world!

Performance resume 101: use the 3 column format


This format is the most widely accepted across the entire entertainment industry.

When using the 3 column format be sure to list jobs in chronological order from most recent down to least. With the 3 column format you list the name of the project/tv show/music video/etc in the first column. The second column is where you list your role in the project (for dancers this is usually “Dancer” “Principal Dancer” or “Specialty act” depending on the job). In the third column you list the choreographer, Director, Production company, Network, etc. depending on what type of job it is. For music videos and movies you should list the choreographer, and Director. For T.V. you can list the Choreographer, Director, or Network depending on what information you have. Industrials, Commercials, Live performances, and Theatre jobs normally list Choreographer and Director.

At the bottom of your résumé you should list your special abilities and training experience (you can take away some of your training experience as your résumé fills up with jobs so that you can keep it to just one page).

That is about as complicated as it gets with résumés! Be sure to keep yours up to date and on file with your agency if you have one. If you don’t have one then keep sending your résumé out whenever you have something new to add to it!

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