Hey, Ombre!

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By Jadée Nikita

Ombre, tie-dye and color fading are huge trends this spring. You may be thinking, tie-dye? Really?  The hippy staple from the 60’s?  Yes!  Tie Dye has come a long way since the age of free love.  With tie-dye fashions, you can get creative with your wardrobe by creating DIY statement pieces and hot conversation starters.  For example, add a splash of color to your old tattered Levi shorts by creating 2-inch, vertical rainbow-hue stripes.  Or get creative with your hair color by creating a pastel ombre dye effect with purples and blues.  Think outside of the box when shopping for or creating your own tie-dye pieces.  Fly Gyal picked our must-have ombre and tie-dye inspirations for spring above!

Juicy Couture Relaxed Jacket in Ombre Velour, $118 / Ombré Nail Art In Yellow & Red OPI hues, $8 / Alexandra Ombre Harem Pants, $38 / Swell Glamorous Tiedye Dress, $48 / Ombre Skinny Jeans, $39.90 / PASTEL FANTASY Hair Extensions, $24 / FOREVER 21 Hooded Ombré Chambray Jacket, $33 / Vintage Levis 501 High Waist RAINBOW OMBRE, $65 /Superga Ombre Sneakers, $75 / ASOS Sick Girl Multi Colored Ombre Snapback Cap, $58

Photo: Via CelebrityOwned


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