Naturally Organically Beautiful

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By Jean Baez
In a world where “green”seems to be beautiful, overwhelming, and cleverly labeled onto every supposed organic product out there, it can be hard to make the right choices. Nowadays we all seem to be going green. We’re more conscious of our health, environment, and what we put in and on our bodies.  We’re attracted to the bottle of shampoo claiming to be organic with a lush forest label and a rain drop or two. Ahhhh, spa like. But sometimes, marketing like this can have you dropping products into your basket without taking a second look. You forget to take a moment to read what’s really in it. You’re already imagining you’re in that forest. The label had you at “hello”.
All organic beauty products are NOT created equally. There’s a good chance you might accidentally purchase an organic beauty product that contains petrochemical and synthetic compounds.  Most organic beauty products are not regulated properly. So don’t forget to turn that product around and find out what truly organic ingredients your beauty product contains.
  1. Look for USDA organic seals on personal beauty care items. USDA Organic Standards are the “gold standard” for personal care products.
  2.  Check out Organic Consumers for loads of organic beauty products approved by the USDA Organic Seal.
  3. Talk to beauty consultants at the counters and ask them questions.
  4. Ask for samples so that you can check for allergic reactions.
  5. Carefully look at expiration dates. Organic beauty products tend to have a much shorter shelf life.
This is certainly not to say that you can’t purchase this season’s coveted new coral lip or emerald green eye shadow off the runway, even if it may contain synthetic ingredients. Just make sure you use it in moderation and along side natural, organic beauty products.
Photo Via EZLiving

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