Who Wore Fringe Best?

WWIB FringeBy Jadée Nikita

Fringe tops have passed the test of time and are proven to be a must-have fashion item for every Fly Gyal’s bureau.  Whether or not your fringe is layered, fine, cut in thick strips, minimal, or frayed, a good fringe shirt says that you are vintage chic, classic, and trendy.  At Fly Gyal, we love how these celebrities worked fringe into their wardrobe in a way that truly defines their personalities.  Iggy wears a hipster yellow smiley-face tee with black fine fringe layered on the sleeves.  Selena rocks a black maxi skirt with a playfully teasing fringe crop top in khaki.  Finally, we present Kim K looking casual-chic in her heather grey fringe sleeved sweat-shirt, distressed dungarees, and studded black boots.  Who are you most inspired by?  How do you prefer to rock your fringe?  Vote for your fave celeb look now!



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