Don’t Rain on My Parade!

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By Jadée Nikita

Like the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.”  With florals and pastels making a big splash on everyone’s spring fashion must-have lists, one can’t forget to also prepare for those sporadic seasonal rainy day’s.  Rain-or-shine a fly gyal must always be ready for anything!  When a fly gyal is caught between the crosswinds she doesn’t panic.  Thanks to the following trendy and genius waterproof items, if a gyal wanted to, she could sing and dance in the rain, carefree, with no umbrella, while talking on her cell phone all at the same time!

Best Waterproof Fabrics:

What’s her secret?  When it comes to waterproofing your wardrobe, you want to stick to fabrics that resist liquid water passing through but allow water vapor to permeate -a.k.a look for breathability. Fly Gyal recommends incorporating water-resistant fabrics that are lightweight and dry fast.  For example, cotton blends, crepes, poly-cottons, patent leather, and chiffons are excellent choices for a rainy day.

Worst Waterproof Fabrics:

You want to stay away from fabrics that are heavy, garments that are long or layered and make you look frumpy, and jeans which take way too long to dry.  So this monsoon season, make sure you opt for leggings, capris, short chiffon skirts, day dresses, and short-sleeved shirts.

Colors to Wear in the Rain:

When it comes to colors that are best to wear in the rain, you want to stick to darker hues and neon tones that won’t fade when wet.  Although pastels are beautiful colors, they are best kept tucked away in your dresser on a rainy day.  Also, for transparent reasons, you don’t want to be the gyal who gets caught in a storm wearing white.  Instead, infuse your rainy day wardrobe with black, lightning yellow, magenta, bright green, and thundering purples.

At the end of the day, all we want is the rain to go away.  With the following secrets to waterproofing your wardrobe, the need to dash to the nearest awning in a sudden downpour will become a thing of the past.  So make sure you retain everything, apply as needed, and make no more rain checks!  You can’t rain on this gyal’s parade!

Thank you for providing supporting information on appropriate attire during monsoon season.


Waterproof your gadgets! – Starting @ $59.99

With Liquipel you can waterproof your phone, tablet, headset, computer, or any other gadget.  They offer customizable options so you can pretty much waterproof any tech gadget you own!  As a bonus in hipster points, Pharrell Williams just partnered with this California-based waterproof tech firm in January and is bringing his entrepreneurial skills to the table.  Read more about the company, watch an intro video, and see what pharrell is up to here!

Wildfox Signature T-Shirt $54 / Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Mascara $12 @ local drug store / Anchor Valencia Shirt Dress $98 / Trefoil Fleece Hoodie $55 / Jeffrey Campbell The Siren Shoe $275 / FULL TILT Ponte Floral Womens Leggings $17 / Tonya lucite wedges $129 / Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella $17 / Cole Haan Tompkins Oxford $178 / Colorini Waterproof Body Paint $15 / Watershot housing for iphone 4/4s $100 / TOPSHOP DM Eyelet Patent Boots $210 / Clear Double Wrap Spike Bracelet $16 / American Apparel Double Layer Skirt $37

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