Love Your Locks, Naturally!

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By Jean Baez

Maintaining natural locks can be challenging and difficult. But when you love something you nurture it. Your hair is a living extension of you. It’s not just sitting on the top of your head, chilling, doing absolutely nothing. It has a job! Your beautiful head of hair keeps you warm on chilly days and cool on hot days. Your precious locks also protect your scalp from ultra-violet radiation.  Did you know your hair plays a key role in non-verbal communication? All the more reason to care for that hair!

In an ever-busy environment it’s easy to reach for those fast-acting products and forget the right regimen required to care of you hair naturally. A natural hair regimen requires a knowledge of products that work for your hair type and the proper wash technique. Dealing with breakage,  knots, tangles, and slow growth can be annoying and disappointing. What you want to concentrate on when caring for your hair naturally is health, growth, how much breakage, and what progress you and your hair are making. These tips will help determine if you on the right track.

1. Avoid purchasing products made with loads of chemicals. Your goal should be to use natural hair products.  Be aware of hair care products that contain sulfates. Sulfates are cleaning agents found in most household cleansers, soaps, bubble bath, and even engine de-greasers (Ewwww). Sulfates can promote dry hair, split ends, scalp irritation and strip hair,

hair loss problems, and create breaking brittle hair.

2. Create a day that’s just all about you and your lushes hair. Light some candles. Turn the music on. Sit and relax and try applying a natural oil onto your hair before cleansing. Gently finger comb any knots before washing. You’ll get to chill for a few while babying your locks.

3. Turn on the warm water. Let it flow through your strands. Avoid piling hair on top of the crown. We’ve seen this for years but its actually destructive to hair. The motion of you washing your hair this way will cause hair to become more knotted and tangled, which will make it more difficult to separate and comb through.

4. Separate hair into sections. Try to wash your hair in the direction it is naturally. Try to follow outward motions if you hair is chin length, downward if shoulder length, forward over your shoulder if back length.

5. Try not to tug or pull your wet locks. Breakage is more likely to occur at this moment. Gently combing hair out is best done when hair is damp with a leave in de-tangling conditioning product.

6. Usually one simple cleanse is enough. Fight the urge to wash and repeat. Make sure you use enough conditioner to avoid further tangly, matted dry hair. That’s all you need. Washing and repeating can create more breakage.

Remember caring for your hair naturally is a personal commitment. In the beginning it can seem like a lot of work. Once you have your steps and trusted products, the overall change to your hair’s health will be worth it.

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 Photo: Via Delux Mag

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