Who Wore Umbrellas Best?

Who Wore it Best: Rain Gear

By Jadée Nikita

What are these celebs rockin’ under their umbrella, ella, ella, ey?  When it’s raining cats-and-dogs these celebrities don a dapper wardrobe that both represents their personal sense of style, and is weather appropriate when walking from limo to building and vice-versa.   Taylor Swift is gone with the wind fabulous, wearing all black in a girl-next-door kind of way.  We love her flowing cat print skirt and oxfords.  Cheryl Cole is electrifying and makes a bold statement by rockin’ a mix of neon and pastel colors with bold fabrics.  We absolutely adore her black and white cheetah print leggings with baby blue and pink side panels.  Finally, Blake Lively looks innocently sweet under her trendy clear bubble umbrella.  Her vibrant floral skirt and mint green flowing tank attract the right attention, while her sexy lace up gladiator sandals reveal a gyal who likes to also walk on the wild side. If you had to vote for a celebrity who wore rainy day attire best, whom would you pick?  Vote now below!


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