Who Wore Legwarmers Best?


By Jadée Nikita

Since 1983, leg warmers have been a go-to staple for workout queens like Jane Fonda and Jennifer Beals from FlashDance.  30 years later we still can’t get enough of ’em. Check out how these 3 divas wear there gam warmers. Rihanna takes the simple yet effective approach in an all black ensemble with stirrup thigh-high socks paired with her classic red bottom pumps.  Carrie Underwood is rock star ready in her hot pants, and knitted stirrup leg warmers that are slouched to perfection. And lastly, we have UK tv personality, Katie Price who turns the color spectrum up 10 notches with an electrifying blue ensemble.  Looking like Big Bird’s estranged 3rd cousin, Katie attempts to create a winning outfit but fails miserably. Why even mention her you ask? Because those knitted thigh-high leg warmers are giving us life! If she wants to be a peacock, we gotta let her fly!

Who do you think wore leg warmers the best? Cast your vote below!


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