7 Stylish Vests To Get Your Summer Swag On

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By Jadée Nikita

Vests in the summer are a perfect way to add layers and lure to your everyday wardrobe.  When shopping for the perfect vest, you want one that adds to your shape, not one that adds bulk. If you need to make a quick transition from day to night, go for an embellished vest that’s beaded, studded, spiked, safety pinned, or scattered with mini pin buttons.  Got a monochrome outfit you want to jazz up?  Opt for a bold, primary-colored waistcoat in red, blue or yellow.  Looking for a more feminine look?  Go for a fringe or floral vest in neutral tones like pinks and peaches.  Finally, as a dancer, you should always keep a denim and/or camo vest in your wardrobe at all times.  Whatever is your favorite style, Fly Gyal recommends having a cute vest for auditions, class and a night out on the town.

Abercrombie & Fitch Bridget Denim Vest $70 / Sound & Matter Military Vest $45 / FOREVER 21 Studded Faux Leather Moto Vest $33 / White Gold Chain Zip Top $35 / MANGO Fringed openwork vest $70 / FLORAL DENIM VEST $52 / FOREVER 21 Faux Leather Moto Vest $18

Photo: Via Euro Image Hosting

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