Flygyal Albert-620x349By Kristin Yancy

It can be easy to forget in this business, but the old adage is true: beauty is really only skin deep. And if what’s on the inside really does count, it surely can’t hurt to send a little nutrition love to the organ that controls all of that beauty!   Read on for some healthy foods that benefit your bod and your brain:


Walnuts are full of antioxidants, which, according to some research, have shown to be successful combatants against free radical damage to brain cells (crash course on free radicals: they cause aging).  Eating nuts may also improve memory, learning capacity, and motor skills.


Carrots already have a great reputation as veggies-that-improve-vision, but it turns out they may be good for brain health too! Carrots have a high concentration of luteolin, which was shown in some studies to help reduce age-related memory loss and inflammation in the brain. Luteolin can also be found in peppers, celery, and olive oil.


The number one official Fly Gyal healthy snack pick, these superfood sweets are the fruits that keep on giving! Berries have a whole host of health benefits, and we can now add brain health to the list. In a study specifically done on the impacts of blueberries, older adults who consumed wild blueberry juice for 12 weeks showed reduced symptoms of memory loss and depression.


We’ve sung the praises of omega-3 fatty acids before, and we’ll sing them again: omega-3s help slow cognitive degeneration as we age, and fish high in vitamin B12 may help prevent Alzheimer’s. A diet full of fish is a diet full of bodily love—bring on the sushi!


There are many benefits we know of that come from drinking tea, such as improved memory and performance when processing information, but it turns out a little bit of caffeine may help regular brain function as well. Who knew?


Yet another shout out to Popeye for making spinach cool—this leafy green is full of vitamins E and C, both great for your thinker and essential elements in a healthy diet. You can sneak some spinach into your daily meals easily: in the morning with egg whites, on your turkey sandwich, or tossed into some whole-wheat pasta. Not only can spinach help improve memory, it may also influence the release of dopamine in the brain- making this healthy vegetable a happy vegetable!

Thanks to My Health News Daily for their brainy advice! 
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