Get Glowing!

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By Jean Baez
Have you ever realized at the last minute that your legs are looking a bit pale against your sun dress It happens to all of us. But not to worry – with the right self tanning products on hand you’ll never have to leave the house again without a sun kissed glow. We’ve had a long winter, and a chilly spring. We’ve had to wait to break out the dresses, mini skirts, and shorts a little bit longer than we wanted to. Now that the weather is playing nice we no longer have to wait to bust out and flaunt our show stopping legs, sexy shoulders, and exquisite collar bones. Expose those beautiful assets with a sensual warm glow, in minutes.
Most self tanners are amazingly easy and can be applied right after purchase. However, here are some hot tips to achieve the flyest glow possible.
1. Before you step and get glowing, EXFOLIATE! Why? You’ll remove any dead skin and create and even layer of fresh supple skin, which equals a clean, even, streak free application. Make sure to get those elbows and knees!
2. After, MOISTURIZE the skin well.
3. Make sure your choice of self tanner is only two shades darker than your skin tone. You want to make sure it looks most natural, bendable application, and avoid streaking.
4. Read the directions clearly. Some may require gloves to prevent tinting your palms, which probably wont wash out for a few days. If you skip the gloves make sure to wash your hands immediately when done.
5. Look for a streak free formula.
6. If you decide to bring your self tanning product to your collar bone, don’t forget to keep in mind your foundation. Your current favorite bronzer may blended down from your chin to your neck may be enough. If not opt for a new foundation two shades darker than your current tone.
7. Blend well, you don’t want to have splotches. Use a large mirror using natural sun light. If possible, invite a friend or two over. Make it a party, have fun, share some laugh’s. You all can make sure everything looks even and roll out looking likegolden, bronzed, goddess!
Photo: Via KHongThe

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