Make Like A Hippie And Go Granola

FlyGyal Granola

By Kristin Yancy

It’s the ultimate snack food. Portable, spoon-free, and delicious, granola bars are a snacking no-brainer. But not all granola bars are as healthy as they seem—many include surprising amounts of sugar and fat that can turn a healthy snack into…dessert. In general, a good granola bar is full of fiber or protein, and contains healthy fats from nuts like almonds or peanuts. Check out Fly Gyal’s top picks for granola-on-the-go:

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1.)   KIND Blueberry Pecan + Fiber Bar

A personal favorite because KIND bars are just so delicious, KIND uses wholesome, simple, and nutritious ingredients. Some of the fruit based bars can be a little heavy on the sugar, but at only 12 grams the Blueberry Pecan + Fiber is a great snack choice on the go.

2.)   LaraBar Uber Roasted Nut Roll

The nuts packed in this bar make for a sweet and salty snack that is both delicious and nutritious. Unlike some of the other bars in the LaraBar line, this granola goodie comes with enough natural sugar and carbohydrates to keep you moving without going overboard– eating more carbs than your body can burn. [Note: If you are about to partake in vigorous and extended physical activity, then a bar with more carbohydrates, like a Cliff Bar, is a great choice.]

3.)   Zing Almond Blueberry Bar

Zing bars are completely organic, as well as being gluten, soy, and wheat free. The bars are made with whey protein, which digests easily and is great for restoring and rebuilding muscle after a rigorous workout.

4.)   Kashi Trail Mix Bars

The Kashi brand is committed to including seven whole grains in all of their products, and the granola bars have fiber, protein, and only 6 grams of sugar.

5.)   Health Warrior Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chia Bar

A vegan bar made with organic peanut butter and cocoa powder, the chia seeds in this health bar contain protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids, and with only 100 calories and 4 grams of sugar, you can add the Chia Bar to your diet without adding to your waistline.

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