Ooh La La – Graphic Nails!

By Jean Baez
The trend of the moment – not to mention an ultimate form of self expression – is personalizing your nails with so much more than ordinary everyday nail polish designs. People all over the world are now applying nail graphics in all sorts of shapes, colors, iconic stamps, and geometric shapes. Your nails are no longer just a set of pretty painted tips in your favorite color. Treat your nails like a unique fashion accessory. Get wild! Mix and match your nails with polish, nail stickers, and fun shapes. Doing your nails – or getting them done, of course – is a perfect opportunity to put your own personal twist and artistic view on your outfit. 
Before you get start splashing colors onto those precious finger tips, follow these steps.                        

1.When you remove old polish lightly and gently buff over each clean nail. A light buff over nails helps polish last longer.
2. If you started with an unpolished nail, swipe nail polish remover over to remove oil (polish won’t last over oily nails)  gently buff.
3. Apply a base coat. This will prevent staining and help polish last.
4. Use a quick drying formula so you can stick or create your designs on quickly.
5. Once done, you must apply a top coat to seal the deal and will give your work of art a gorgeous shine.
You want all that creativity to pop!

Our favorite design of the moment comes from Fabulous Mag. Want more nail art inspo? Be sure to follow Fly Gyal Dance on instagram!
For more inspiration, check out these trustworthy sources for all things nails: Sephora, Illamasqua, and YouTube (duh!).
Photo: Via Eye Shadow Lipstick

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