Who Wore Hats Best?

By Jadée Nikita

The perfect hat is a useful summertime accessory that protects from the elements, is a quick fix to a bad hair day, and is another way to show your personality without saying a word.  Flamboyant hats are a part of history at the Kentucky Derby, and bling, buttons, and pendants and finding their way on current snapback fashion designs.  The most common summer seasonal hat is the sun hat, bowler and fedora.  As these three celebs demonstrate, a good hat can compliment the simplest of outfits, and can be the conversational starter at any event.  Who do you think wears their hat the best?  Do you dig Vanessa Hudgens incognito beach vibe? Evelyn Lozado’s simple and sporty all white ensemble with a complimentary custom leopard-print NY fitted?  Or Demi Lovatos dark and sultry goth-gyal meets a young Wynonna Judd?  Make your pick and vote below!


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