Smooth Monochrome Moves: Blacks and Whites

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by Jadée Nikita

Let’s face it, when it comes to fashion, especially dance fashion, black and white clothes dominate our closets, costumes, and daily garb.  Black garments are powerful, chic and look great on the stage when coupled with a silver or gold accessories.  Whites are pure and simple and match with anything!  Nothing gives the impression of good grooming and being well dressed more quickly than spotless white.  If you are looking for more ways to wear your monochromatic blacks and whites, or if you’re not sure what black and white staples should be in your dance closet, check out Fly Gyal’s tips below!  They are simple solutions every gyal should be aware of!

An all black ensemble is one of the easiest costumes to coordinate for a large group.  Besides black’s amazing slimming powers, a black shirt is the perfect solution for our gyals with hyper sweat glands since sweat stains are easier to disguise whilst wearing black.

As a rule every Fly Gyal should have the following black garments in her closet:

  • An LDB: I like mine with a scoop neck, light feminine ruffles, and the hemline directly above the knee
  • Black pumps or heeled boots: no baby heels or wedges!!  At least 3 inches, please!
  • A go-to black tank for lounge days
  • A strong black legging
  • At least 3 pairs of black fishnets: Seems on the back make your legs look long and your outfit more polished.
  • A black blazer: Try dfferent fabrics, collar styles, and button colors.  To change your gold buttons to silver, cover them with good ol’ tin foil J
  • Kick-ass black sneakers
  • A studded or sequin black bra for auditions

When it comes to lighter ensembles like white, you want to make sure you understand your body type, shape, and what cuts flatter your figure the best.  Whites are tricky.  Some will tell you it is a fashion crime to wear white trousers after Labor Day.  But this gyal says, “rules were meant to be broken!”  The best thing about fashion is throwing caution to the wind, arranging and rearranging, and experimenting with what you already have to make your style unique and personal.  Whites can do that for you!  How many times have you gotten a plain white tee and cut it up to fit your personality?  Remember Laurieann Gibson’s show Born To Dance? In the music video challenge she gave all the girls a plain white t-shirt and asked them to cut, bedazzle and stitch a new design that shows their personality.  At the end of the challenge not one shirt looked the same.  Each design reflected that dancer’s unique personal style.  If you need to refresh you memory check out the music video here.

So if you ever need a new look for class my first recommendation would be to get a white tee and scissors and have fun!!  Whites don’t have the same slimming properties as darker clothes do, so be cautious about wearing a skin-tight white top if your bottoms are also skin-tight.

As a Fly Gyal you should always have the following white garments in your wardrobe:

  • A loose white button down: Oxford-style and sheer are great options to have
  • White sneakers: Keds, Converse, or any other low-top sneakers are great for walking around and getting dirty in.  They are so cheap you can just buy another pair or stick ‘em in the wash if they get out of control.
  • White tees: White tees tend to get unsightly yellow stains around the armpit area.  It’s a natural chemical reaction that occurs when our sweat mixes with our deodorant.  Don’t fret!  If you want to make your white tees last longer, you should wash the pit area with mild detergent and water before you stick it in the hamper!
  • White linen pants: preferably wide leg depending on your shape
  • A girly white dress for the summer: lace and chiffons are in this season!

Check out Fly Gyal’s fave black and white picks for summer below!


TRON Sneakers $495 / Not Just an Illusion Dress $50 / Faux Leather-Paneled Leggings $15.80 / MANGO Lace blazer $100 / Pyramid Studded Cross Tank $15 / Michael Antonio Love Me 3 $50 / ALDO Faloreha boots $70 / Capezio Adult Studio Basics Fishnet Tight with Seams $16.60 / Blackheart Studded Longline Push-Up Bra $44.50


Alise Shirt $160 / V-neck Top $10 / Roxy Jetty Laceless Sneaker $35 / Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Core Ox $50 / MICHAEL Michael Kors Pants $80 / Miss Selfridge Geo Lace Dress $68

Cover Photo VIA: Obaz


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