Chambray, Pas De Bourree – Summer Denim Fashion Trends

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By Jadée Nikita

Dipped, dyed, distressed or zipped, there are so many ways to wear our denim a gyal would need a lifetime to explore all the options!  Luckily for you, Fly Gyal compiled a list of Summer Denim Essentials that will help you di-stress this season.  Below you will find the skinny on all things denim, what to wear to flatter your figure, how to stay cool in denim, and our all-star denim line-up for this week!

Denim is a fabric that is best worn during the cooler seasons because the fabric is heavy and doesn’t have much breathability.  So when the meteorologist says code red, keep the skinny jeans tucked away!  That doesn’t mean steer clear of denim the entire summer.  You just want to be smart about your denim choices if you plan on staying cool as a cucumber this season.  For our smart gyals, keep the following rules in mind when wearing denim in the summer:

Go light or go home.  If staying cool in the sun a priority for you, stick to light-colored and lightweight denim choices.  You don’t want the fabric to stick to your skin so look for a breathability factor when buying your chambray denim shirt dresses!  Also, if you are looking to stray off the classic-blue denim path, look for tan and sand-colored denim choices.  This will keep your look contemporary and keep your internal temps a little cooler.

Cutoffs, rips, and tears are your best friend!  You can convert an old pair of jeans into jean shorts or an old jacket into a vest easily, with a few snips of the clippers.  Rub a pumice stone or steel wool over the areas you want frayed, throw in the washer and dryer for 2 cycles, and voila!  You have an instant spring to summer wardrobe change without breaking the bank!  If you’re feeling particularly creative, buy some purple dye at the fabric store and totally change the appearance of your jeans by dunking them in your favorite hue. Check out this DIY tutorial here!!

Overalls are back!  Yes, that Old McDonald ‘90s classic is the new comeback kid!  Not only are they suitable options for all body types, but also they are quick and easy to style on a warm day.  My fave way to stay cool this summer with minimal effort is to stock up on crop tops with interesting textures, fabrics and colors, and couple them with old school overalls!  Don’t have overalls?  Don’t fray!!  Grab a pair of cute cuffed boyfriend shorts and attach a pair of thick suspenders to ‘em!  As a rule of thumb, if you are gonna wear a tight cutoff shirt you must wear loose bottoms!  We don’t need more scallywags walking around leaving nothing to the imagination, now do we??  Good, now obey!!

Need a quick fix for your denim that’s run astray?  Check out this denim repair shop that fixes gapping holes, rips and tears for a small fee!

Now that you’ve learned the rules of denim-wear, take a peek at our 12 picks for summer and let us know how you like to wear your chinos!

Unisex Denim Tennis Shoe $32 / Denim Shirt Dress $20 / Denim Jeans Tuxedo Blazer Jacket $70 / PURPLE Nebula Studded POCKETS Denim Cut-Off Shorts $54 / UNIF Penny Cutoff Overall Short $129 / Miss Selfridge Sleeveless Crop Tie Shirt $30 / MIA BAG pearly denim chain handbag $296 / Kendall & Kylie Convertible Book Bag $63 / Denim USA Vest $60 / FOREVER 21 Denim Braided Headband $2.80 / MANGO Denim cropped top $25 / Strapless denim high-low dress $44

Photo: Via Vebidoo

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