Buns On The Run: The Best Breakfast Sandwiches

Flygyal Breakfast Sandwich

By Kristin Yancy

It’s a staple of the girl-on-the-go’s diet—there are days where we’d be lost without a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts. And while any breakfast is better than no breakfast at all, many fast food restaurants are now making it possible to eat quickly and healthfully with tasty, low calorie options. Check out our pocket guide for making healthy choices when it comes to fast food breakfasts:

The General Guidelines:

1.)   Skip the Sausage

2.)   Choose Whole Wheat (and Light Bread Options Like English Muffins, Wraps, and Toast)

3.)   When Possible, Add A Veggie

4.)   Fiber Keeps You Fuller

5.)   To Cut Down Sodium and Saturated Fat: Go Without Cheese

And Now…Our Top Picks:

Dunkin Donuts
Au Bon Pain
Panera Bread
1.) Spinach and Feta Breakfast Wrap

290 Calories

3.5g Saturated Fat

6g Fiber

19g Protein

800mg Sodium

1.) Egg McMuffin

300 Calories

5g Saturated Fat

2g Fiber

18g Protein

820mg Sodium

1.) Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin

320 Calories

5g Saturated Fat

1g Fiber

14g Protein

820mg Sodium

1.) Egg White and Cheddar Sandwich

250 Calories

6g Saturated Fat

6g Fiber

20g Protein

550mg Sodium

1.) Breakfast Power Sandwich With Ham On Whole Grain

340 Calories

7g Saturated Fat

4g Fiber

23g Protein

820mg Sodium

2.) Turkey Bacon, Egg White, and Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich

320 Calories

2g Saturated Fat

3g Fiber

18g Protein

900mg Sodium

2.) Egg White Wakeup Wrap

150 Calories

3g Saturated Fat

1g Fiber

10-11g Protein

360mg Sodium


…With Avocado

310 Calories

6g Saturated Fat

9g Fiber

20g Protein

940mg Sodium


…Without Cheese

2g Saturated Fat

570mg Sodium


Credit to Eating Well for their nutritional Breakfast lists!
Photo via lehighvalleylive.com.

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