Funky Town Neons

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By: Jadée Nikita

Neon, which is Greek for “new,” is no stranger to the fashion scene.  For some gyals, neons can be intimidating to wear because the color is so vibrant and eye-catching.  Therefore, you pass it over for a more subdued tone.  Fly Gyals on the other hand are never afraid of an electric pop of color!  In fact we welcome it!  For formal and casual affairs, neons can be a gyal’s best friend if worn right.  Check out our simple “how to wear neon” tips below:

@ Night:

Go for a geometric-patterned bottom like a cute high-wasted short, skinny jean, or wide-legged trousers.  We highly recommend a multi-colored neon print like Aztec.  Since we want your bottom(s) to be the focal point, subdue the neon voltage with a strappy black top.  You can opt for a loose tank, a bandaged bandeau, or a strappy cami.  Finish off the look with your favorite black pump and brilliant gold and neon accessories (drawing color inspiration from your trousers).

During the Day:

When it comes to warm summer days, you want to exude radiance from the inside out.  So whether you’re going to the beach or taking a stroll in the park opt for comfy clothes that have been dipped in neon.

Our favorite daytime options are coral maxi dresses, tangerine tops with white linen pants, electric blue cut-off shorts, zesty yellow keds, and stacked rope bracelets in every neon color.

  •  TIP 1: To subdue the neon fractures of color, couple it with a neutral tone like white, peach or nude.

In Dance Class:

For the girly gyal, try playing with vibrant shades like oranges, yellows, pinks, and purples.  Graffiti-patterned leggings with splashes of color look great when worn with a long and loose single-colored tank.  Accessorize with a poppy pink lip, lightning bolt earrings, and stacked neon rope bracelets.

For the b-gyal, try layering your neons!  We love to layer vivid yellow trunks under loose peach cargo pants (roll up one leg and slouch the pants so the drawstring of the shorts peek out = WINNER!).  Pair those bottoms with a grey graphic tee in neon letters, or a white sports bra with a cerulean blue bomber jacket and you have a look that will have b-boys turning on their heads!  Don’t forget to accessorize with fresh white sneakers and a blingin’ beanie!

@ an Audition:

When it comes to auditions, you want to have a look that stands out from the crowd and highlights your best assets.  In order to wear neon and pull it off at an audition you have to have the personality of a neon gyal: dynamic, lively and ebullient.  Not to say that you go in strutting around like a peacock with your chest puffed up, dripping in highlighter yellow apparel saying “LOOK AT ME!  HIRE ME!!”  Wearing neon at an audition is a high risk because you are going to stand out.  Make it in a good way!

Our favorite looks for sexy summertime auditions are jewel-toned neon leggings like teal, golden yellow, and magnificent magentas.

  •  TIP 1: Your tops should be equally vibrant in color and stay within the same color family.
  • TIP 2: When looking for neon colors, go with hues that best highlight your skin tone.  For fair-skinned gyals, opt for deeper hues like pinks, greens and blues.  Stay away from yellows!  For olive-complexion gyals oranges and corals are best.  There are no colors that can go wrong with your skin tone.  For our dark-skin gyals, yellows, oranges, reds, and purples work best with your warm undertones.
  • TIP 3: Change up your look by varying fabric selections.  We love wet-looking leggings, shiny disco leggings, perforated leggings, faux-leather leggings, and bedazzled leggings with lace insets.

On Stage:

Performance-ready outfits have no limits.  To be a showstopper your outfit must be a jaw-dropper.  Evoke your inner Liberaci-he’s never met a Swarovski crystal or neon color he didn’t like.  With that in mind, go for colors that work well in large groups, under harsh lighting, and with a rainbow of skin tones.  Our favorite 2013 dance costume for girls are limelight neon bras paired with black and white vertical striped leggings.

  • TIP 1: If you are a smaller gyal, opt for thicker stripes, and if you’re a larger gyal stick with leggings that have a thinner stripe (this will give your legs a slimmer appearance).
  • TIP 2: If you want to spice up your look, replace the regular black and white striped leggings with garter leggings!  These are super hot for summer!!
  • TIP 3: Ladies, please keep in mind to always dress for the audition.  If they are looking to hire sexy females, never show up in bulky clothing or anything that takes away from your shape.  Be confident, keep your head high, and never forget your best accessory: your smile.
  • TIP 4: NEVER wrap anything around your waist at an audition!  It takes away from the cleanliness of your look, and makes you look frumpy and insecure about your rump.  Don’t be afraid to shake what your mama gave ya!

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Cover photo VIA: Video Duel


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