5 Summer Jackets That Hit The Jackpot

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By Jadée Nikita

Although temps can get cray cray hot this season, you may find yourself in an uncomfortably chilly situation. We’re looking at you: cold subways, air conditioned restaurants, unsuspecting cool breezes, etc.  To avoid goose bumps and chattering teeth, Fly Gyal recommends keeping the following summer jackets in your wardrobe arsenal: cropped flyaway, striped blazer, sheer bomber, rain trench, and the all time American classic denim vest.  Here’s why:

The Cropped Flyaway

This is an easy way to turn your summer sundress and daytime casual separates into a chic evening look.  When searching for the perfect cropped blazer keep the following tips in mind:

  • Fabric and color should be light
  • Keep the cut sleek and simple with embellished trim
  • Look for a jacket that is ¾ sleeves or one that has sleeves that can easily roll up and stay put.
  • Color trend: Neon family, black and white stripes, taupe

The Blazer

Blazers, like the cropped fly away bring an evening flare to a casual day look.  The difference with a full blazer is you can pretty much wear it with anything and still look modern and sleek – depending on the cut of course.  This season, we love a nice peplum cut blazer, moto style, or Jackie O. inspired jacket with a collarless bolero cut.  Whatever you decide make sure the color stands out and the fit suits your body-type.  For example:

  • Petite gyals: show off your tiny frame with cropped flyaway jackets, and avoid swimming in oversized coats by opting for jackets with narrow, fitted sleeves.  You can even pull off coats with shoulder pads and interesting shoulder embellishments – for my daring fly gyals!
  • Boxy Shaped gyals: go for jackets with interesting cuts that cinch at the waist and create illusions that draw attention to your hips and bust.  Yes, don’t cover up your frame.  Work with what you have and use your clothes as tools to accentuate where you want your curves.  Peplum hems, and trenches with large pockets on the front will accentuate your hips, while embellished cropped blazers will accentuate your chest.
  • Pear-shaped gyals: Jackets that have geometric, drapy paneling (not too long), collarless sleek blazers with simple trim, jackets with a curved bottom, and herringbone print look best with your flattering figure.  Don’t shy away from large buttons and bold prints.  They draw the eye upward keeping the focus on your top half.

The Sheer Bomber

Do I really need to explain why this is the season’s must have jacket?  You can where it anywhere and still be hipster chic.  It’s lightweight fabric allows for breathability that can’t be found in any other summer jacket, and it’s so scant, you can fold it up and stuff it in your purse when you’re not wearing it.  Try looking for sheer bomber jackets in different color options and prints.  We love floral prints, animal prints, various nature screen prints, and white.

 The Rain Trench

For those who love summer concerts in the park, picnicking, or other outdoor adventures, and rain trench is essential for your enjoyment.  Don’t let a little rain damper your summer fun.  Keep a cute yellow rain coat on hand for those moments where you don’t have, or can’t hold up an umbrella.  We love the one featured above from ASOS.  It has cute little bear ears attached to the hood for our serious nature lover gyals 😉

The Classic American Denim Vest

Create a casual rockstar look with this patriotic chambray.  Add character and pizzazz to your own distressed denim vest by embellishing it with various adornments.  Check out this awesome DIY tutorial on how to create your own punk rock vest by Vagabond Youth

Striped Flyaway Blazer $44 / MANGO Peplum blazer $60 / Point Of View Bomber Jacket $46 / ASOS Rain Trench With Ears $85 / AMERICAN FLAG Denim VEST Hand painted $15

Cover Photo via Fashion Copious

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