Finding A Sublet


By Brian Henninger

So you booked a gig that takes you out of the country, or city for a few months to a year? First off, CONGRATS on booking a gig! Right about now you’re probably wondering “How the heck am I going to pay my monthly rent and expenses back home and also live, eat, and more importantly SAVE money while I am on my gig?” The Answer my friend, is to find a sublet!

A sublet is nothing more then a temporary living situation where someone else (ideally a friend) takes your room and also your portion of the rent for the time period that your gone. Finding one can prove tricky, especially if you are new to whatever city your living in and don’t have very many contacts or friends yet. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to either find a subletter for your room, or a room for yourself to sublet.

1. Use your personal web of contacts first: Get on facebook, twitter, instagram, vine etc.and make it known that you’re looking for a sublet. Do this often and early in the search, you never know who might come through with a great deal for you. Keep those eyes and ears open because finding a friend to sublet to/from is almost always easier than trying to find an absolute stranger. Go to your personal contacts first and exhaust them before moving to the next step.

 2. Use one of the many sublet finding websites: Thats right! It’s 2013 and we now have one stop shops where you can put your information on a website profile and find all of the people in your area either looking for or providing a sublet. To find these sites you can simply google “sublets”, and whatever city your in. My friends and I have come to trust AirBnB. It is a simple to use website that puts you in contact with plenty of potential subletters.

 3. Last but not least is CraigslistI am sure most have perused Craigslist at some point. Just go to apt/housing and search under sublets to find all the postings in your area. The biggest thing with craigslist to keep in mind is to look out for fraudulent posts and people trying to steal your identity. No legitimate landlord is going to charge you a fee for a credit check or ask for personal information (social security number etc.) Sso make sure you watch out for those tell-tale signs of a scam.  Also use common sense and caution when responding to postings. If it seems to good to be true — a $1000 studio in midtown manhattan? yeah right! — it probably is!

Subletting can be a fairly easy process if you start searching early enough so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute to find something/someone. Best of luck to you in your search for a sublet and in this sometimes crazy but always adventurous lifestyle we lead as dancers!

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 Photo via Rentenna

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