Supporting your community

community in action

By Brian Henninger


The dance community is a web of relationships that span cities, states, countries, and continents. Its made up of your local dance community which also connects itself with the global dance communities from around the world.  It is for this reason that it is so important to support your local dance communities and artists who are creating new pieces of art and inspiration. It’s because of this type of innovation that dance has been able to take over so much of the mainstream media and become the industry it is today.


If it weren’t for Breakin’, Poppin, House, and other underground forms of dance which evolved directly because of the community surrounding them, we wouldn’t have the block buster “Step Up” movies and shows like “Americas Best Dance Crew” having such a big impact on pop culture. If it weren’t for dancers like Poppin Pete, Buddha stretch, etc lending their moves to icon artists such as michael jackson Dance as we know it would not exist the way it does today, and all of those artists came from a local community of dancers.


In the arts, community and the sharing and exchanging of ideas is what makes progress happen and what pushes the art form foreword.


This blog post unlike my others, is less about a how-to guide and more about Imploring you as an artist to take owner ship and responsibility for your community. Consciously be aware of what other artists around you are up to. What shows are people attending? Who out of your peers are really stepping out of their comfort zone and producing their own work? seek out these people and gain inspiration from them, support what they are doing, and then when you are ready begin to find your own voice as a dancer/ artist and add too that cycle of inspiration!


On the industry side of things, being engaged in your community will offer you a break from just looking at dance as a job, and put you back in touch with the reasons why you fell in love with dance in the first place. Community events are also create places to network and build your relationships. Every famous choreographer started somewhere, and its no secret that people always would rather work with someone they already know and are friendly with then someone completely new. When you get to the point in your journey as a dancer when YOUR peers start dancing and choreographing for major artists you will know exactly what I mean when I say “relationships are everything”


Thats all for now! Make sure to check out for more valuable career information for dancers.




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