Trend of the Week: Summer Kicks

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By Jadée Nikita

Check out Fly Gyal’s review of Summer’s hottest sneakers below!!  Every dancer should have at least one pair in their closet right now!

Clear Jellies

Dr. Marten’s was the comeback kid this year, reintroducing consumers to their durable boots in every color, pattern and fabric imaginable!  However they can be too bulky and hot for those tootsies to wear in the summer.  So if you need a cooler replacement, check out these clear jelly boots by Blue Banana.  They can stand up against all weather conditions, and can pretty much change color when you want to change your socks 🙂

Low Riders

Low top sneakers are perfect for the dancer on the go.  They are small enough to carry on your person, and with them being so affordable, you can buy a pair in every color!  The classics are Ked’s and Chuck Taylor’s but check out what Supra brought to the party this year with their low top stack sneakers.  Supposed to be super comfy!!

Make it Stack!

Stacked Platform sneakers aren’t just a for Herman Munster anymore.  Buy ’em adorned with spiked or studs, or find a cute leopard print like the pair from Nasty Gal.  For the active dancer, buy a stacked sneak with a high-top feature.  They are easier to dance in and provide ample ankle support.

Cut it Out Hologram Wedge

The hottest trend this season has to be the hidden wedge sneaker.  They are super comfy for dancing, they add a few concealed inches to the vertically challenged, and they look cute with just about anything you pair them with.  How do you make them better?  Marc Jacob’s answered that call by adding a breathability factor for summer with clean cut-outs.  Want even more style points?  Buy the hologram pair!

Coltrane Cray Cray

The newest kick in town is making all the girls go gaga this summer!  With it’s intricately placed cut-out’s and golden hardware accents, it’s clear why we love the new Coltrane Bootie.

Blue Banana Clear Boot $22 / Supra Stacks Sneakers $85 / Stacked Platform Sneaker $40 / Marc by Marc Jacobs Cutout Sneaker Wedge $198 / Coltrane Cutout Boot $188

Cover photo VIA Parentables

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