Taking Pride In Your Look





By Brian Henninger

In the professional Dance/ Entertainment industry your body and look are your livelihood. I am here to tell you that It DOES matter how you look, it DOES matter how you dress, and it DOES matter how well you take care of yourself. This is an industry where you are judged 90 percent on your look, and 10 percent on your talent. This doesn’t mean that your being judged as a PERSON though, and its important to remember that. Its a fine line we walk as dancers between being physically and mentally conscious of how we look and taking healthy care of our bodies, and being completely narcissistic, and self conscious of how we look every second of every day because we are so hung up on the “judging” aspect of this industry. Here are a few ways to “Take Pride In Your Look” by simply changing your perspective so that you can be in control, rather then letting the judgement of auditioning and being a dancer control you!


Stop thinking about your “LOOK” and what people see on the outside as separate from what lies on the inside of who you are as a person.  What I mean is that Your body is a reflection of how you see yourself in your mind.  You dress the way you dress and put out the energy you put out based on how you feel and what you think about yourself inside. Self confidence, and a positive self image start within first.  If you Can’t stand in front of your mirror upon waking up in the morning with no makeup, no shower, no shave and tell yourself “You are beautiful, and you are deserving of all of your hopes and dreams” and really mean it then how can you expect yourself to be truly confident and take pride in your look?  stand up to your negative self images if you have them and understand that this industry is NOT a judgement on you as a person, but realize that who you BELIEVE you are and what you BELIEVE you deserve will absolutely affect they way you feel and the way you put your “Look” out there to the world.



Do not seek validation in order to feel validated. This one works on several levels. Do not seek validation on your look from others. This means that while seeking out opinions on what looks good or bad on you is fine, and also smart, you shouldn’t NEED someones expressed approval over your look in order for you to FEEL confident from the inside out. Just like you shouldn’t need someone to tell you “Your on the right path, you can make it as a dancer”, you should know this intuitively. It should be a BURNING truth within your heart that you are going to make your dreams a reality because you know in your soul that no matter what happens in your career you are meant to be doing this. Validate your self first from the inside out. If you really make this a practice you will find that peoples compliments, while flattering, really mean nothing to you because your validation comes from within. your validation for both your look, and also your talent comes from a place inside you that no one has the power to touch or manipulate.



Taking pride in your look is NOT the same thing as being self centered or obsessive– Taking pride in how you look is not the same thing as checking yourself in the mirror every five seconds, and it doesn’t give you permission to act like a D#$K to other people. Taking pride in your look is about waking up in the morning and stepping outside into your world of professional dance with your BEST foot forward from all angles not just physical. Its about saying to yourself “If I just put my absolute best out there then I know no matter what the outcome I am doing all that i can”. Its about giving more of yourself everyday then anyone could ever expect of you. Its about putting your all out there on the line without expecting anything in return.  If you strive to maintain this quality you will notice 99 percent of your fears of judgement, yourself consciousness about your look, and your negative self talk just melt away.



You probably expected a blog with some tips on how to maintain your look day to day, or how to put together audition outfits. While this is obviously good information to share, it means NOTHING to a person who isn’t first comfortable in their own skin and approaching their career from a HEALTHY, and HOLISTIC perspective. After all, a healthy mind and spirit will always give rise to a healthy, happy, and beautiful body/look.

Take pride in yourself. Take pride in your gifts. You are here for a purpose and no audition judge, agent, producer, or choreographer should be able to shake that pride you have in yourself!



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Photo Credit- http://www.efficientlifeskills.com


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