DIY: Dance Tanks!

By Jadée Nikita

Turn that tee from blah to #Yasss with this easy DIY tutorial.  This week Fly Gyal highlighted the 8 best tanks for summer.  Learn how to make your own below!


Tee Shirt


(yep, it’s that simple)

Step 1:

Cut off the sleeves.  I like to start at the top about 1 1/2 – 2 inches away from the collar and go down about 5 inches from the armpit

(helpful hint: an inch is approximately the size of your thumb’s distal phalange)

Step 2:

Fold the shirt in half and cut off the other arm.  This will keep your shirt looking symmetrical.  Don’t worry about jagged edges.  Once you’re finished, run your fingers through the cut areas and you will see the edges instantly roll up creating a finished look.

(helpful hint: use safety pins to keep the garment steady while cutting)

3Step 3:

Cut off the bottom hem and neckline.  Save the bottom hem for later. You should save the scrap material and put it in your fabric scrap box.  You never know when you’ll need it 🙂

(helpful hint: crew necks tend to work better than V-necks for this DIYer)  

5Step 4:

Now you could stop here if you are ok with a simple tank, but us Fly Gyals love a splash of swag!  Remember that scrap of fabric you saved form the bottom hem?  Make a simple cut so that you are left with one long strip and bring it up the back of your tank

8Step 5:

Make sure the string is even (like when you are lacing a new pair of shoes) and make 1/2 knots down the back.  Your final product should look like this:

9Voila!  Now you’re ready to rock any dance class in style!

Did you find this helpful?  Upload a photo of your new tank and we will feature you on the website 🙂
Cover Photo Via Thriftown

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