5 things to keep in mind before auditioning!

-By Brian Henninger

While the title of this article gives you the impression that I am going to ramble on about head shots and resumes, being on time, free-styling yadda yadda yadda, I promise you that this article is not geared towards that. Instead I want to focus on the single most important thing that will cause you to either have a great audition or a terrible audition… Your state of mind. In this article I present to you 5 easy things to keep in the back of your head before you step in the room that can completely transform your audition experience and your career instantly!

  1. Realize that the job is either for you or not for you and there is nothing you can do about it: What I mean by this is simply that your look and vibe will either be right for the job or not right based on what the client or production is looking for. Beyond this it is only up to you to deliver and dance so well that you cannot be denied the job based on your skill level.  Approach the audition process at first from detaching yourself from being so thirsty for the gig that you neglect to pay attention to whether or not your even right for the role. Remember, its either for you or not.  just go and dance your heart out and let the powers that be decide.
  1. Always do your best, and be honest with yourself when you don’t: I personally do not see the point or benefit in obsessing over an audition that you didn’t book  by re playing the entire experience to figure out what exactly you did or didn’t do right. If you can leave the audition room honestly saying that you danced to the best of YOUR abilities then that is all you should be focused on. If you don’t get the gig it is clearly not because of your dancing if you executed the choreography spot on and gave a great performance. If you leave everything you have on that floor and they STILL don’t want you then you know that it was not the gig for you. Point blank period.
  1. There is no other clone of YOU out there:  Understand that because your a unique person as we all are, You will never be able to give the exact same performance as anyone else. This is an amazing thing! Its automatic individuality! no ones body will be able to move exactly like yours, EVER. No one will be able to bring the same emotional context or performance to a piece that you can, EVER. Use this thought to your advantage when you get the feeling of being swallowed by the crowd and worried about not standing out.
  1. No one else has lived YOUR life: I am beginning to believe more and more that any true artist, be it dancer, actor, singer,  or musician is reflected in quality by the life that they have lived. Every experience you have had thats unique to you in this life will always feed its way into your dancing. Its just one more thing that makes you special and unique. When the right gig for you comes around, this uniqueness will be what attracts the production to you over all the other people in the room.
  1. You have the power to change the energy in the room in an instant: The more you can connect to your audience through your dancing, the better. The more you can make people experience happiness, and joy through your demeanor and the way you interact, the better. People want to work with people they like, who they can trust, and who make them feel good. Dance is no exception. Choreographers and producers want to work with fun, upbeat, professional, NICE people. Know that at any instant you have the power to make a positive impression and change the energy in the room between you and those judging for the better. Smile, be confident, be true to you!

Remember that what you focus most on in your life you tend to attract back to you. If you focus on being positive, motivated, and letting that show in your dancing and the way you present yourself at auditions then you can rest easier knowing that you’ve done everything in your power, and if the job isn’t for you then its not for you. Remember your day will continue after the audition.  Don’t get so hung up. life is too short for that 🙂

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photo credit: http://inapcache.boston.com


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