Who Wore it Best: Backpacks

(Right – Left: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora)

By: Jadée Nikita

When it comes to summer, the backpack is back!  It’s functional, stylish and comes in so many different styles to fit every fly gyal’s personality!  This week, we feature 3 trendy gyal’s and their go-to backpacks.  First up, Ms. RiRi!  We love her bordeaux wine colored Chanel backpack with beaded tassels and gold embellishments.  Second, we have Miley Cyrus swinging her black leather Chanel quilted backpack with mini pockets and a double silver chain-strap.  Lastly is Rita Ora.  First impression: love the overall look!  At a closer look: Check out that awesome black leather quilted Chanel backpack!  It almost looks like the classic Chanel hand bag converted into a backpack.  Genius!

Whose Chanel backpack did you prefer?  Vote below!


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