Inside My Dance Bag: Kristin Yancy, Health Writer

By Kristin Yancy, as told to Jadeé Nikita
My dance bag is a giant monstrosity of a thing, and while it is always full of the dance “necessities” (water bottle, Aleve, chapstick, etc.), there are three things that I’ll never head to class without:
My kneepads
My new favorite dance accessory, I carry these with me wherever I go. More and more choreography utilizes the floor these days (and I am loving it!), so it’s a relief to be able to go full out and try anything without putting more stress on my knees in the process.
I am a deodorant fiend. I have a stick in every size for every bag, especially my dance bag. To my fellow classmates: you’re welcome.
An easy change of clothes!
It’s just too hot these days to walk outside after class in sweats. A pair of high waisted shorts, a bralet, and a tank, and I can brave the city streets again. And I always walk out the door in shoes I can dance in and stroll in- converse high tops are my go-to for movin’ and groovin.’

extra clothes


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