Trend of the Week: Back to School!

By Jadée Nikita

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Put the cool in school with these fashion trends:

“As If!” – Inspired by our favorite early 90s Hollywood blockbuster, Clueless, knee-high socks and printed mini’s are a hit for the ’13-’14 school year.  Opt for skirts that are adorned with classic prints like houndstooth, herringbone, and checkered patterns.  A-line mini’s are best but we also love cute pleated styles  too!  Although the mini craze is in, always remember to refer to your school’s rulebook hallway-appropriate for skirt lengths.

How to wear: grab a flowy blouse and pair your subdued toned skirt with a eye-catching blazer in a vibrant hue like yellow, red or pink.  Pull up those knee-highs just above your patella and throw on your favorite pair of platform mary janes!  Our favorite’s are the black and white oxford-style pump with perforated edges.

as if

Battle Ready – Head to your local thrift store or over to your retired uncle Pete’s house and dig through storage bins until you find a vintage military jackets.  This coveted item is all the rave this season!  We’ve found some jackets that are priced up to $500!  So we over at Fly Gyal recommend hitting up those consignment shops first.   The bigger the better!  You can always roll up the sleeves and add your own pins and embellishments to make the jacket more personal.

How to wear: Like the rude gyal’s of the film, Set if Off, we like to rock our camo jackets with all black skinny jeans with a splash of red, and gold accessories.  Pair your jeans with a cute mock turtle-neck crop top with cut-out shoulders and throw on a pair of shin-length patent leather combat boots with gold spikes.  Throw on a beanie and drape your arms with chunky gold bangles and rings to finish off the look.

battle ready

Bowled Over – Call it a comeback!!  Bowler hats pretty much defined early 90s teenage culture, and it’s making a statement now.  These cute toppers can inspire an entire outfit, taking you from boring to scoring in a matter of milliseconds!

How to wear: grab a cute oxford shirt with an embellished collar, cuff your favorite distressed boyfriend jeans , and stomp out in your low-top suede boots with buckles!  TO complete the look throw on a pair of dark round-framed shades lots of rope bracelets and bangles.

bowled over

Comic-Con – Swag 101 is now in session with these cool comic inspired accessories.  Make everyone “GASP,” and hear all the “WOWs” when you walk down the hall this school year as you ace this year’s fashion test.

How to wear:  Inspired by pop divas like Ri-Ri and Rita Ora, you’ll want to pair your comic-inspired jewelry with a flaring skater skirt, a bomber jacket with splashes of color, and finish the look with your favorite hi-top stacked sneakers.  When shopping for your bomber jacket, go with a vintage inspired pattern with bold colors.  Leopard print in pinks, reds and purples are our favorite!  Now get out there and save the planet with your super hero fashion skills!!

comic con

Boohoo Lola Plain Peplum Blazer $40 / Cable Knit Knee High Socks $12 / Marni Edition Tweed Miniskirt $550 / Feather Pen – Black Ostrich Feather $13 / Viva Bordello Palmetto City $75 / TOPSHOP Pork Pie Hat $50 /Oversize Vintage Inspired Metal Round Circle Sunglasses $9.99 / Sophie Hulme Embellished Sleeveless Silk Blouse $170 / Rag & Bone Boyfriend Jean $297 / Loeffler Randall Fenton Buckle Boot $450 / Dorothy Perkins Black textured skater skirt $17 / Talula RODEO DRIVE JACKET $29.99 / POW Earrings $8 /Kickin’ It Complex Sneaker in Gold $70 / Camo Jacket $128 / Basic Beanie $14 / Longsleeve Turtle Crop Top $28 / Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Leather Combat Boots $2,025

Cover Photo Via 12 Ponds of Sky Fish

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