How To Be A Successful Dancer

success feels good!

success feels good!

-By Brian Henninger

How can we define success for ourselves in this ever changing industry full of What if’s and rejection? How can you create opportunities for yourself to be successful regardless of what the job climate is like? How do you hit a target if you don’t really know what that target is?

Success is not a rigid goal, or the attainment of a benchmark. Success is a continuum of experience that is dictated first and foremost by the experiencer NOT the experience.

In this weeks video I go over some practical ways you can set yourself up mentally for success in your dance career. I challenge you to clearly define what success is to you as a dancer, and also as a person. Its not enough just to coast through this industry without clearly defining where you want to go. This video should serve as a catalyst for you to take some necessary first steps to get yourself out of the pack of dancers that are scratching and clawing at opportunities, and into a focused and motivated group of dancers that are making conscious choices for their futures!

I sincerely hope this helps you along your way πŸ™‚

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