Trend of the Week: Dance Pants

By Jadée Nikita

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Dance pants are an essential piece to a dancer’s wardrobe.  Not only do they have to be functional but they have to be stylish, must show off your lines, and finally, have to last you through an entire dance day (up to 8 hours of sweat, wear and tear).  So besides classic sweat pants, black spandex leggings, and harem pants, what are some other trendy  and transitional dance pants you can wear from the studio to street?  Peep our list below:

Cut-out Leggings

Looking for a cool way to change up the black legging club this season?  We recommend adding figure-flattering cutouts to your spandex!  Whether you are caged up, gartered up, or laced up, there’s tons of fun ways to sass up that a$$ 😉  Also play with fabrics.  Our favorite material this Fall is faux-leather and shiny colored disco pants.


Cargo pants and shorts are this season’s must-have alternative to harem pants.  They can be worn with pretty much anything, you will feel stylish wearing them on the subway to the studio and on a date, they have enough slouch in them to handle big dance moves, and are trendy enough to get you a call back if worn to a commercial dance audition.  If you’re  not yet convinced that cargo pants are the shiznit, you will go gaga over the amount of different styles, materials and colors in which they’re available.  For tips on how to wear cargos, check out last week’s Trend of the Week article, 2013 Fall Dance Trends.

Lounge Pants

Do you find yourself staring at your dance closet feeling ashamed of the amount of sweat pants you’ve collected over your dance career?  Don’t worry, we amassed that collection too.  I mean, who doesn’t like a good sweat pant?  They’re super easy, comfy, and affordable, and can be used in pretty much any dance style (as a warm up pant before ballet, or a class pant for hip-hop).  However, before you go buying your next sweat pant, think twice and opt for the stylish substitute, the lounge pant.  They aren’t as baggy as sweats, and they come in cute prints and breathable fabrics.  Some lounge pants have a slight drop in the crotch but they aren’t as pronounced as a harem and don’t detract from a dancer’s leg line.  The only negative about the lounge pant is most have a bell bottom at the hem which can be a distraction for some.  If rolling up the pant leg proves to be ineffective, get hair bands and place over the ankles to avoid the pants from dragging on the floor.

Other Alternatives

Dance fashion can be so much fun!  Why stick to the basics?  Get creative with your class and audition wear by wearing cute cut-off shorts, distressed boyfriend jeans, skater skirts, overalls, and more!  The options are endless!

TOPSHOP Leather Look Front Leggings $56 / Caged Up Leggings $32 / Aura Lace Leggings $78 / Heat Wave Garter Legging $18 / H&M Cargo Pants $32 / J Brand Croft Cargo Chino $152 / Trooper Harem Pants $30 / Mossimo Supply Co. Belted Cargo Shorts $30 / FOREVER 21 Relaxed Lounge Pants $16 / Cross Printed Harem Pants $28 / leopard lounge pant $40 / Ex Boyfriend Jeans $38 / Skater Skirt $16 / Acid Wash Denim Dungaree Shorts $36

Cover Photo Via WallPaperSas

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