Trend of the Week: Camo Arsenal

By Jadée Nikita

If you walk down the block, through the hallways at school, or hang out at a casual spot on a Friday night you’re bound to see at least 5 outfits with camo-print stitched in somewhere.  Military inspired garments have always been a Fall centerpiece.   This year, step outside the classic green fatigue box and experiment with other military-inspired prints.  Some of our favorites are the desert tan camo prints, the blue air force fatigues, and the red and white checkered-print scarves.  Check out how to easily integrate this trend into your Fall wardrobe below:


 We especially love the oversized solid military green jackets that are cinched at the waist with an accompanying hoodie.  Other favorite Fall options are the two-toned jackets with black leather sleeves, and the classic vintage camouflage print coats with customized patches and accessories.  You can easily find a vintage coat at a thrift store and use spikes, chains and patches to make it your own!

Head Gear

Headbands are the best way to change up your look in the blink of an eye.  Go from a basic, classic look to an urban chic feel with a braided camo headband.  We also love the twisted front headbands, and camo-print head scarves tied in creative ways.   You’ll definitely want to pick up a camo print hat, but stay away from the trucker look!

head gear


Cargo pants are this season’s must have dance pant and ready-to-wear pant.  They can be dressed up with an cute heel or worn to class in a wheat Timberland boot.   Other camo-print pants that are hot for fall include leggings and chinos.  If you’re lucky, try to nab an original pair of military B.D.U’s from a navy surplus store or other military retailers.



Camo-print neck and hair scarves are great to stick in your dance bag on a fall night.  Why?  Well, on a Fall night, temperatures can drop dramatically from the afternoon.  It’s better to be safe than sorry and have a neck scarf to bundle up in.  Hair scarves are great just in case you sweat out your hairstyle from earlier and left your hairdryer at home.  Another cute option for Fall are the traditional red and white checkered-patterned, cotton-woven Arab scarves, keffiyehs or kufiyas.  Traditionally worn in Arab countries such as Arabia, Jordan, and Iraq, and was made popular by Palestinian politician, Yasser Arafat.  The Keffiyehs became a popular fashion trend in the US in the 80s, and most recently can be seen amongst the youth in Tokyo paired with camo outfits.  There are so many different color combinations, and ways to drape the scarf.  How do you rock your keffiyeh?

neck scarves

Camouflage Faux Leather Moto Jacket $40 / Studded Camouflage Jacket $69 / LA Hearts Hooded Camo Graphic Jacket $35 / Urban Renewal Vintage Oversized Camo Jacket $39 / Camo Turban $15 / Camouflage and Studs Bow Headwrap $6.50 / New Era 5 Panel Cap $47.25 / GANT Rugger Camo Flower Scarf $165 / Twisted Camo Print Headwrap $4.99 / WeSC Weland Camo Snapback Hat $35 / Joe’s Jeans Straight Ankle Trousers $185 / SNAP x Urban Renewal Tapered Army Pant $59 / FOREVER 21 Camouflage Leggings $13 / Trooper Harem Pants $30 / Ultra Force Retro Camouflage B.D.U. Pants $44.99 / Low-Crotch Camouflage Pants $88 / Christopher Kane Grey Camouflage Print Scarf $460 / Dorothy Perkins Pink pretty camouflage scarf $25 / Leigh and Luca Square camouflage printed scarf  $330 / CAMOUFLAGE COUTURE STORK Giulia Yellow USA Silk cotton scarf $295 /

Cover Photo Via Liu Bolin 


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